Thursday, August 26, 2010

Wet fun!

Several weeks ago we took a family camping trip to Wallowa Lake. Despite the unusually rainy weather- we had a great time! (The sun did shine now and then!)

We were blessed to stay in a yurt for the first time. It was pretty sweet! (Though, we do love our tent!) We were so thankful to not have to set up our tent in the rain upon arrival.

Highlights included: swimming & throwing rocks in Wallowa lake, playing in the creek, seeing "deers," riding bikes, S'mores around the campfire, the "fire ants" by our yurt, playing on the playground, using
"regular" flush toilets (Savannah's favorite,) and just being together.

On the long drive home, the kids kept asking to swim. So at 7:30pm, we pulled across the Columbia River into Washington. We let the kids go in the river with their clothes on. They were thrilled!

Rain, lake, creek, river = wet fun!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Fun summer

Clearly, one highlight for my kids this summer was.... the new play structure!

The kids drew pictures of what they dreamed of in a play structure. Then, my amazing husband drew up plans and went to work!

He sawed, hammered and took many a trip to Home Depot. The whole family helped out... hammering, painting... and encouraging Daddy all along the way!

Last week, the kids strutted their stuff for Grandma and Grandpa- while wearing their special Sunday clothes!

Great times!  I love my family!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Quick update

We spent the last week serving at an elementary bible camp. Here is a quick overview...

Austin was a camper for Primary Camp (half the week)- his first overnight camp! Fortunately, Daddy was his counselor. They hit the pool twice a day. The water slide was a definite highlight!

Sierra & Savannah were fortunate to have times with their own personal assistant, Amanda. They swam, hiked, did crafts, and, of course, ate candy from the canteen! When I first met Amanda she was about the age of Sierra & Savannah. It is always fun to see kids grow into amazing young adults.

My highlight was an afternoon moment by the river... the same river Kerick was baptized in when he was a camper. I was prepping for my talk that evening, studying a familiar verse. I left that time excited about what the Lord taught me and gave me to share.

As always, I was thankful for the opportunity to lead music and worship. We met in the same room where Kerick and I were married almost ten years ago!

I am still processing lessons from the week. Hope to share more in depth later.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Hold me Accountable?

Well- it has been almost a whole year since I updated this blog. And, though she does not know it, my niece inspired me to begin again. She has committed to update her blog once a week.

So, Leslie. I hereby take that challenge! (That you did not know you proposed!)

My new goal: one update a week. The idea is to provide at a least a quick update of our life. To provide insights, funny stories, and a glimpse into the adventures of the Adams' Family! I hope all you friends and family from far away can feel a bit more connected to us here in Oregon.

As usual, I am feeling a little overzealous....

I have been wanting to share recipes. I added a Facebook business page at "Carol's Cooking with Demarle." So far I have posted pics and a recipe. But it seems limiting. It appears that starting a blog for my business is the way to go. Then I can link my Facebook page to my blog.

So I hereby declare my second goal: one business update a week on my second blog. (Name yet to be confirmed!)

So- will you hold me accountable? Will you help me reach my goals? I respond well to encouragement!!

Looking forward to the year ahead!