Thursday, August 26, 2010

Wet fun!

Several weeks ago we took a family camping trip to Wallowa Lake. Despite the unusually rainy weather- we had a great time! (The sun did shine now and then!)

We were blessed to stay in a yurt for the first time. It was pretty sweet! (Though, we do love our tent!) We were so thankful to not have to set up our tent in the rain upon arrival.

Highlights included: swimming & throwing rocks in Wallowa lake, playing in the creek, seeing "deers," riding bikes, S'mores around the campfire, the "fire ants" by our yurt, playing on the playground, using
"regular" flush toilets (Savannah's favorite,) and just being together.

On the long drive home, the kids kept asking to swim. So at 7:30pm, we pulled across the Columbia River into Washington. We let the kids go in the river with their clothes on. They were thrilled!

Rain, lake, creek, river = wet fun!

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