Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Hold me Accountable?

Well- it has been almost a whole year since I updated this blog. And, though she does not know it, my niece inspired me to begin again. She has committed to update her blog once a week.

So, Leslie. I hereby take that challenge! (That you did not know you proposed!)

My new goal: one update a week. The idea is to provide at a least a quick update of our life. To provide insights, funny stories, and a glimpse into the adventures of the Adams' Family! I hope all you friends and family from far away can feel a bit more connected to us here in Oregon.

As usual, I am feeling a little overzealous....

I have been wanting to share recipes. I added a Facebook business page at "Carol's Cooking with Demarle." So far I have posted pics and a recipe. But it seems limiting. It appears that starting a blog for my business is the way to go. Then I can link my Facebook page to my blog.

So I hereby declare my second goal: one business update a week on my second blog. (Name yet to be confirmed!)

So- will you hold me accountable? Will you help me reach my goals? I respond well to encouragement!!

Looking forward to the year ahead!

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