Monday, September 20, 2010

Move that Bus!

Oh yeah- you may have heard the buzz..... Extreme Makeover Home Edition (EMHE) came to town!

I have to admit that enjoy watching the show when I can. Often, I turn it on just in time for the "reveal." Just in time to shed some tears (every time!)

Well, to see it first hand... overwhelming.

EMHE came to the Oregon School for the Deaf. They built a new residence hall and then remodeled their haunted house: the main fund-raising tool for the school.

Here some glimpses into their week in town....
1. I actually teared up when I saw a plane flying over heading with a banner stating "Good Morning Oregon School for the Deaf!"

2. The bus pulled up to surprise students, staff and friends at a picnic. My friend, Genie was attending the picnic and got to be surprised! I can't even imagine!

3. Kerick (as well as many friends of ours) were able to volunteer some time. He said it was amazing how everything was organized.

4. Some of the students were sent to Minnesota to go to a hearing clinic and get hearing aids- many for the first time. An ASL interpreter from our church accompanied them. I can't wait to talk with her about it!

5. Our other friend, Araya, also interpreted here. She told me she was amazed by the generosity of the people helping students with hearing aids.

6. Then, one of my favorite stories is about our friend Kara. She was able to get a free hearing test from the EMHE group. She knew she had hearing loss and sort of drug her feet to go. She had no idea that they would fit her with state of the art hearing aids for Free! She just got her "new ears" on Friday and FULLY heard her kids' voices for the first time! sweet!

7. I drug the kids over for the big "reveal" of the dorm.
Let's just say- there was a lot of waiting....
But the time finally came to Move That Bus!!!
The cameramen positioned themselves....

The bus drove to the side....

The students and staff rejoiced! The hands waving is the sign language for clapping!

Even though we were in the non-VIP section, I wouldn't trade it. We could actually see them react. I can't wait to watch the show (Oct. 31) and see more of the story.

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  1. What an incredible experience. It is always such fun seeing the love poured out to those in need, whether a small family or large, like the school. A great experience for your kids to be part of as well.