Saturday, June 13, 2009

Beauty out of Chaos

The following quote was on my Starbucks cup yesterday: "The good mother is a great artist ever creating beauty out of chaos." (Alice Randall)

Later, it came alive to me as I attended an event that was, well, somewhat chaotic. In situations like these, I find myself first analyzing the situation. I am generally ok with chaos if I know there is someone "managing" that chaos. If I find no manager,then I generally assume the manager position. If I find a manager, but doubt their ability to manage such chaos, I quickly offer my services as an assistant manager.

Yet, this time, I did not want to be responsible. I did not want to put out the energy. I wanted nothing to do with the chaos. I was scared it would get out of control, and someone would get hurt. I did not want anyone I loved to get hurt. I did not want to be responsible when others got hurt. I just wanted to run away from the chaos.

It got me thinking about life and all it's chaos. There have been times in my life that have seemed more chaotic than others. Sometimes I have even wished I could run away.

Yet, I know that there is a great artist, a capable manager, overseeing my chaos. I can always trust Him to keep me safe amongst the messiness of life. The chaos may not go away. The messiness may remain. Yet, I can trust Him to make beauty out of my chaos.

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