Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Broken Phone

So, the other day, we headed to our local cell phone store. We are those people still on two year contracts with our cell phone provider. So, roughly every two years, we head on over. Usually we just get whichever phone comes free.

But this year, we did it the day before my birthday. (Yes, I big birthday with a zero at the end.) Needless to say, my husband was feeling generous. So, I got to pick one that cost us, maybe $20!!! (Plus the car charger and the memory card that added to the bill.) It is a pretty color. I like that.

We don't text much. Take only a few pics. (I use my big camera for that!!) Don't use it to listen to music. We are old fogies in the phone world. We talk on it. We leave messages. This new phone does not even come with a single free game! Yet, it is the perfect phone for me. I even found a ring I like. (Do they call them"rings" anymore??)

Well, since we are such loving parents, we gave our kids our old phones. I even dug up my 4 year old phone so all three kids could have their own. We quickly taught them how to find the "ring" settings. Savannah begged us to show her the camera button. Then we sat back, smiled, and waited for the batteries to wear out.

Austin was disappointed that his had no camera. Although, he did get a screen with swimming fish on it. The juice ran out pretty quickly (it was the four year old phone!) But it still made a great toy. Well, that is, unless you are boy and choose to take the mildly broken hinge and rip it completely off! I guess he had fun!

Sierra promptly found "The Seven." The sound called "Ringtone 7" is a lovely song. She danced around to it like a ballerina, or pretended to be falling asleep to it. When she couldn't find it, she would say, "Where is the seven?" It was a crack up to watch. She then figured out how to plug it in and recharge it. Hmmm... that cord might have to disappear someday. We'll see.

Savannah, our phone talker, was in heaven the moment we gave the phone to her. "Mama, after rest time, can I have your 'broken phone' please?" She immediately began taking pictures, listening to sounds, and pretending to make calls. Sometimes the phone lived in one of her purses. Sometimes in a pocket. Often, it was just out, being used. She loved her 'broken phone!'

And then it happened.... the "broken phone" disappeared!! Savannah begged us all to help her look after dinner. We searched the patio, the back yard, the shed, her room, the bathroom, the living room... every room!!! Oh the tears! Oh the sadness! Oh my!!! She even asked to borrow Sierra's phone. Sierra refused. OH MY! You would have thought the world had ended!!!

Of course, I was a compassionate mom. I hugged her. I empathized. I helped her search. Finally, I urged her to get on her pajamas. She wanted her "cozy pajamas- with the feet." I, instead, found her some weather appropriate jammies and promised to cuddle with her instead. She slowly began getting going on her jammies... SOBBING all the way!

I immediately headed for the video camera. Yes, I did!! I can't wait until she is 16 and has lost her phone, again, and we capture her teen tantrum. I can hear it now... "Dad, stop it!" (I will pass the camera to him, of course!) Then, at a graduation party, or some special event, we will drag out the home movies (in whatever technological form they are in by then!) and relive the phone dramas! I can't wait!

I giggled as I captured her in all her loveliness!

After sobbing, and crying, and carrying on, (in front of the camera!) she looked up and said, "Will you walk away please because I am going to take off my shirt?" Oh, my modest child. I smiled as I walked away.

She is sleeping now. Probably dreaming of her precious "broken phone!"

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  1. I believe she had that phone in hand when our bears came to say "hello" on Wednesday.

    Jen :)